Novel technology

Innovations needed for an aging population.

EaZense is the first radar sensor that will give you the full benefit from the 7 GHz bandwidth in 60 GHz ISM band. All the capabilities of the the sensor contribute to a unique capturing of respiration, heart rate and motion patterns


The sensor has a quad-core processing platform that allow very advanced signal processing to be performed on the sensor itself.


In a downtoned casing the EaZense host a 60 GHz radar with up to 2 Tx and 4 Rx channels. The sensor form factor is suited for placement indoor in the home or in a more rugged environment such as a stable.

The EaZense is capable of  measuring the following parameters:


- Range (sub mm accuracy)


Range measurements are can be performed in harsh environment where optical sensors fail to function. The updating frequency of range measurements is up to 100 Hz. The maximum range is 10 m. Raytelligence can provide enhancements so the range can be increased to 15 m.


- Small movements ( 20 µm)


The EaZense can measure motions down to 20 µm. This property enables capturing of very small body movements. Through signal processing a variate of information is retrieved such as vital signs.


- Position of target (+- 65 degrees)


The sensor has the ability to detect the position of multiple targets in the proximity of the sensor.


For security applications it is sometimes desired to measure the physical condition of a person. The RayVS1/I is able to detect respiration in addition to position of a person.



A future-safe software architecture.

The software architecture of EaZense is scalable through state-of-art database technology. This offers an open connectivity to our sensors. The user can easily select services and parameter settings on a website hosted by the sensor itself.


Streaming Online data can be viewed on the website in the users mobile device without the need for any specific application running on the client device.


Logging of data can be done on the sensor, on a cloud service or on the client device.

EaZense is connected to a local router in the home over Wi-Fi. The application signal processing is performed on a cloud server and the results are streamed to a web server for displaying the data. The data from the sensor is available to people with access to the web site.

The radar units

RayVS1 has two Frequency Modulated Carrier Wave (FMCW) radar units:


  • Operates from 57 GHz to 64 GHz.
  • Distance and motion is detected simultaneously.
  • Distance measurements with mm accuracy.
  • Detects motions down to 20µm.
  • Updating frequency up to 100 Hz.



The Communication unit

(Planned for Q1 2018)

The RayVS1 has two main  parts: the sensor unit and the communication unit. The sensor unit are connected to the connectivity unit via a 5 m cable. (Other lengths can be delivered on request).


The connectivity units supports the following communication standards:


  • Industrial Ethernet e.g. Profinet
  • Fieldbusses such as Profibus or CAN
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

In the basic version the cable is a power cable and the sensor communicates via WiFi in the sensor unit.