AI has the potential to be a gamechanger for the eHealth market. These services need reliable data. Raytelligence aims at playing a global role in this Eco-system.  With our sensors and services we can play an important role in collecting data and make decisions for the AI algorithms.


The RayVS1 sensor provides a high-level service to the end user. Signal processing and signal analysis is performed in the sensor itself and/or in a cloud service. Examples of such services are:

- “Patient X sleeps well with respiration rate 23 bpm”

- “Patient Y has fallen out of bed”

- “Person Z has a walking speed deviating from normal”


These services can be calculated in the sensor itself or in a cloud service. The cloud service is particularly interesting when several sensors cooperate to deliver a specific service e.g. cover an entire apartment.



Night supervision of elderly is a target application for the RayVS1. Here this sensor has compelling advantages over camera systems. Cameras are intrusive and expensive to manage (need to have a human analyzing the image/video). The light conditions are often so that it is hard to get reliable information from the image. The RayVS1 penetration properties gives reliable information even if the person is covered with textile e.g. a blanket.


The high-end functionality mentioned above can be programmed by the user using high performance signal processing libraries in the sensor. The sensor runs a high-performance quad-core signal processing engines.

The sensor delivers output to the clients back-end system. This can follow a given standard or can be tailored in each case.



RayVS1 is connected to a local router in the home over Wi-Fi. The application signal processing is performed on a cloud server and the results are streamed to a web server for displaying the data. The data from the sensor is available to people with access to the web site.